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Republican National Committee RNC

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The three voting members from Texas that will vote for the RNC Chairman:


Matt Rinaldi- Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman   RPT headquarters phone: 512 4779821

Elected at the RPT State Convention last June 

He has said previously he supports Harmeet Dhillon


Dr Robin Armstrong ,MD- RPT RNC Committeeman from Texas (there is a contact page on his website ) 

He has a couple of facebook pages in his name

Twitter  @DrR_Armstrong

He has said previously he supports Harmeet Dhillon


Toni Anne Dashiell- RPT RNC Committeewoman from Texas   

on her Fb page she has this #  210 4672526  or

She has a Facebook page in her name as RNC Committeewoman for Texas

Twitter @tonianne55

She has previously said she supports Ronna McDaniel


The RNC RPT Committeeman and CommitteeWoman are elected at the State Convention during the Presidential years 


Thank you for taking the time out to contact each of them on your choices.

I know they will appreciate hearing from you.

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