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the actual ballot draw list:

2022 Pct Chair Ballot Draw 3 10 22.jpg
Debbie Hopper Pct 101.jpg
Mary Bright Pct 102.jpg
Kristen McGaughhey Pct 119.jpg
Jerry Tanner Pct 119.jpg
Carol Rother Pct 101.jpg
Ann Miller Pct 102.jpg
Tom Foyt Pct 119.jpg
Tammy Koerth Pct 119.jpg
Paul Yamarick Pct 208.jpg
Donna Perez Pct 223.jpg
Carroll Sharp Pct 311.jpg
Amy Bishop Pct 329.jpg
Judy Garmon Pct 416.jpg
Jordan Sluka Pct 430.jpg

Not all the rest of the Precinct Chairman Candidates have had their pictures taken as yet

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