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Primary Ballot Listing
Primary Notice with Dates and Times
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Notice 2024 Republican Primary Election

EARLY VOTING will be held Feb 20- March 1 2024 at Lavaca County Annex (see varied days and hours below):

   Feb 19 Monday --Closed for Holiday 

Feb 20-Tuesday 8a-5p

Feb 21-Wednesday 8a-5p

Feb 22-Thursday 8a-5p

Feb 23-Friday 8a-5p

Feb 24 Saturday 7a-7p

Feb 25 Sunday 11a-5p

Feb 26- Monday 7a-7p

Feb 27 Tuesday 7a-7p

Feb 28 Wednesday 7a-7p

Feb 29 Thursday 7a-7p

March 1 Friday 7a-7p

   March 2-4-Closed Preparation for Election Day


March 5 Tuesday 7a-7p at all 11 voting Precincts

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