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2024 Meetings

2024 County Executive Committee Meetings: for 2022-2024 term 

Feb 27, 2024  CEC- Convention Committees -reports -

         this is the Last meeting before Primary & Conventions

  **March 23 2024 -8-10 am Precinct Conventions

         **not a CEC meeting but CEC should serve as Pct                              Convention Chairman for their Pct Conventions- not                       required but requested

  **March 23 2024 3-6 pm  County Convention (not a meeting)

April 23 2024   CEC & LCRP State Delegates/Alternates                          should also attend – information on State Convention.

May 29, 2024- Wednesday (we cannot have a meeting two days after the RPT convention and the Primary Run Off is May 28)

          this is the last meeting of 2022-2024 Term

2024-2026 Term

June 17, 2024 -Official first day new 2024-2026 CEC takes office- 20 days after the Primary Run Off

June ??, 2024 -Organizational Meeting/First meeting of the 2024-2026 Term--  New County Chairman Lorena Kanak to call meeting no sooner than 7days after taking office (per RPT rules).

State Convention in San Antonio MAY 23- 25,2024 - all are invited to attend and if you are not a delegate or alternate- work at the convention if you wish to- we always need helpers! Let me know of your interest and I will send you to the appropriate SREC person in charge of volunteers.


National Convention - Milwaukee Wisconsin- JULY 15-18, 2024

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