2019 Meetings 

on 4th Tuesday of each month @ 6:30 pm

location   TBA* 

*We want to move the meeting around the county

so more people have a chance to participate!

*contact Chairman Cheryl Thompson-Draper 713 5168880




2019 Monthly Republican Meetings:

(Please note new dates

FOURTH Tuesday each month/location moves each month contact Chairman Draper for location)

















October 22

6:30 pm- 9 pm 

Special Guest:

CURTIS BOWERS- writer, director & producer of the documentaries: The Agenda- Grinding Down America and Agenda 2- The Deceit

Curtis will be speaking to us on his experiences, documentaries, the Deep State and the importance of the 2020 election!

St Peters Lutheran Church- Fellowship Hall 100 Market Street Hallettsville 

(see Event page :  https://www.lavacacountygop.com/special-events )

Nov 12- Hallettsville Chamber Meeting room- Business meeting only no speaker

( was November 26- moved due to Thanksgiving) 

Chairman will be available at 5 pm to accept Primary Ballot Application Filings

Meeting begins at 6:30 pm

December TBA

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Chairman- Cheryl Thompson-Draper 713 5168880    ChairmanLCRP@gmail.com   

Treasurer-John Cinadr - PO Box 656 Hallettsville Texas 77964.